About the Project


The Ragmud Series: Volume 8, Slave Epics by Artist Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson (American, 1940 - 2015)
The Ragmud Series: Volume 8, Slave Epics by Lynn Robinson

Through a series of synergistic learning experiences, teachers will explore Native American and African American art objects, paintings, sculpture, and prints from TMA’s collection through

  • Lectures by experts

  • Presentations from museum curators

  • Interpretive learning activities in the TMA galleries and the TMA's Art Reference Library

  • Collaborative curriculum sessions with a K-12 education scholar

  • Opportunities to explore the Museum's pedagogy and resources

Teachers participating in this week long institute will receive a $1,300 Stipend. 

Teacher participants in this institute will study both historical and contemporary Native American and African American art that showcases a diverse array of perspectives.

Participants will investigate the artworks as primary sources to learn how the artists speak about history and familiarize themselves with the multiple contexts of the people who lived it.  In their examination of these works, teachers will develop a deeper and more nuanced understanding of how a work of art can shape the perception of historical events.

Image of Swept Away by Shan Goshorn
Swept Away by Shan Goshorn

During the institute, teachers will experience multiple perspectives on visual culture by examining both the production and reception of works of art through visual analysis.  These strategies will then be implemented into teachers’ classroom curriculums through guided and collaborative development sessions during the institute. The goal of the curriculum development sessions is to design lessons and learning activities inspired from the highlighted works that reinforce classroom learning.